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How does Ukash work?

Ukash is electronic money. It enables you to exchange your physical money for a voucher code which represents electronic money of the same value.

You can then use this money on the internet.
Ukash is a secure way to pay, as when you give your voucher code to a genuine Ukash merchant we assure the payment to them, in the knowledge that you used physical money to get it.

Voucher limits

Ukash is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK and operates under license across 6 continents.

To ensure we meet our regulatory requirements, Ukash is only issued up to a maximum of EUR250 or £200 per voucher. The maximum number of vouchers you may hold at any one time is 5 and the maximum Ukash value is EUR1250,00 or £1000,00.

Managing your vouchers

Because we have designed your Ukash to work like cash, you can also combine and split your Ukash voucher value into different amounts. You can even convert your voucher value into a different currency.

This is all done via the Ukash Tools, for which you must register on .
You might want to combine multiple vouchers to create one larger one to pay for a more significant item. Or, conversely, to split a voucher into smaller amounts to use across multiple websites.

Using your vouchers

Spending it
If you want to spend your voucher online at any of several thousand sites, ranging from Games to TeleComs, then check the full list here.
Loading it!
You can also use your voucher to load value into other online accounts, e-wallets and prepaid cards. Check out the full list here.
Expanding it
You can even convert your voucher into a Ukash NEO virtual prepaid MasterCard®. The MasterCard® number is emailed to you immediately and can then be used to spend anywhere that MasterCard® is accepted online. Get your Ukash NEO card now.
Sending it
Finally, you can send the value on your Ukash voucher to friends and family in other countries. We are adding new ways of doing this all the time so check out the options here.

Ukash benefits
  • Convenient - Real-time transactions means that funds are available as soon as you transfer Ukash into your Casino Account.


  • Safe and Secure - Ukash is the safest way to transact online because it's just like using physical cash, there is no risk of anyone accessing your personal or financial details


  • Simple - You can purchase Ukash from our online or over 12 500 PayPoint outlets across the UK. Pay-as-you-go also gives you greater control over your spending.


  • Accessible - You do not need a bank account to use Ukash.


  • Private - You do not need to provide personal information to use Ukash.

  • Multi-Currency - You can use your Ukash in US Dollars, GB Pounds, and Euro Casino rooms.