Ukash concepts,
and their benefits
to consumers.

Ukash is the major electronic prepaid currency nexus and internationally reputable e-commerce cash payment method that carriers customers around the world to use money to shopping, pay and play online safely, securely and conveniently. This trusted payment method was created to guard personal identity and financial data when making online transactions, reducing the risk credit and debit card fake for costumers and rejects and chargebacks for dealers. Ukash has no age bound, so customers all ages can do protected payments online.

Ukash codes issued here are UNIVERSAL type, we accept several payments methods as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Pecunix, so the unique 19 digit codes can then be used to pay directly on any of the thousands of websites that accept Ukash transactions worldwide, or loaded onto prepaid cards and e-wallets.

The maximum single value allowed is €250 or equivalent in other currencies, and the maximum amount that can be held by an individual customer is £1,000/€1,250 or equivalent in other currencies.


  • Safe and secure way to pay – there’s no need to share financial details online.
  • Ukash is adaptable: consumers can purchaseUkash and split it into smaller values, combine into larger values or convert into other currencies.

  • Ukash encourage customers to spend cash electronically, no matter status, age or boundary, disregardings having a credit or debit card and enables them to stay in control wastening.

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  • payment methods accepted

    We accept LIBERTY RESERVE (LRUSD), Perfect Money (PMUSD) and Pecunix (PXUSD), will add more methods soon.

  • ukash type issued?

    Voucher issued here are from our AUR: PE01119 like serie 633718179 (universal type).

  • delay time delivery

    3-5 minutes from time confirmed payments, during worktime 13:00 p.m. to 23:00 p.m. (UK time), from Mon. to Sun..

the facts

Some of the things about UKash that make it such an attractive option are the fast way of access. You do not have to wait to buy. More importantly, there is no complicated or time-consuming registration process to go through. All you need is the 19-digit number and you are ready to use UKash! There are other advantages: for instance, there is no age limit for using UKash, unlike in other transaction methods like credit cards. One of the best things about UKash is the high safety factor: you can relax and not have to worry about things like card fraud or identity theft.

There are other advantages as well. With UKash, you can regulate your spending completely, because you spend only worth as many vouchers you buy. Using UKash also does not involve any processing fees or other related costs, and also no problems of mile-long bank statements. Each of these vouchers has a 12-month validity period from the date you purchase them. 

If you like more info about our AUR reference, please contact to: