With over 7 years experience,
Dellmont offer free program calls!

About Dellmont

What and who is Dellmont? Dellmont is the leading voice over IP telecommunications worldwide, was founded in 2005, its headquarters is located in Cologne, Germany. Subsequently performed with Dellmont SARL corporate alliances founded in 2008 to consolidate VOIP market. The company operates through various retail and wholesale carriers. VoIP users can enjoy super economical rates through the client software owned by or SIP-based hardware and software. Betamax is a major key players in the industry of Internet telephony and offers its customers low-cost alternative media and marketing.

What benefits can enjoy by using this service?
Besides that rates primarily to major destinations are by default very economical, it offers a program of free calls to each server chosen so that the user can receive weekly between 200-300 min. free, by ip and counted from the last 7 days have recharged your account with 10 euros or 10 dollars, the minutes can not be combined, certain restrictions apply: as overuse.

What needing to call?
Of course, we need broadband internet, ADSL with a minimum width of 512/256 Kb up and down respectively, installing more attachments need proportionally more bandwidth. To get an acceptable communication, restrict the use of P2P programs like Ares, eMule, etc because they are voracious to consume bandwidth.

You can use the minutes purchased in the following ways:

  • With an analog telephone adapter (ATA) as the PAP2T, this modem is connected directly to the Internet router, the hardware is out for two analog phone, so that we can neglect have turned the pc.
  • Through the web page of each provider, enter your login and password respectively, and find the option called phone to phone, dial the phone number from and to international format, then press to call, wait to establish communication.
  • Through a local access number, usually in the vast majority of countries can be found in the menu, a local access number to interface with the rest of the world without having internet, previously it is necessary to register your phone in the data profile.
  • Through the phone software located on each page of the chosen Provider.



┬┐Can I send text messages (SMS)?
Of course you can, using the phone software or through the website of each server.

When does my credit expire?
With this service, your balance does not expire.

Is this service legal?
Of course, all traffic minutes used per call is routed over the wide network of networks: Internet, by making use of this space you are not venturing into any kind of illegality, since the network is free and not conditioned to that certain parties may claim their use.

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